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White Lamp

Four Ways to Add Style With Lamps

White LampLighting can make or break how a home feels. One trick for decorating apartments in Long Beach while expressing your personal style is selecting the appropriate lamps for each room.

Decorate With the Right Lamps

Lamps make a huge impact on the overall feel and appearance of an apartment. How can you pick the right ones when the number of floor and table lamp choices is dizzying? Here are four tips for stylish decorating with lamps:

1. Accent Your Décor

A lamp is an accessory that functions much like a piece of jewelry. It should complement the overall style of a room. Whether a room’s style is traditional or retro, consider lamps that enhance it. One way to do this is focusing on the color or the finish of a lamp base.

2. Consider the Shades

The shape and the color of lampshades are important in creating a pleasing look in any room. If contemporary strikes your fancy, consider lamps with colorful, streamlined shades. Drum shapes provide dramatic accents to any space without overwhelming the overall décor. Tapered shades go hand-in-hand with traditional style.

3. Match Size to Space

Express your style with a lamp that’s the correct size for a room. Scale is important, so be sure to avoid placing a tiny lamp in a big room or a huge lamp on a really small table. In general, the shade should be 50 to 75 percent the size of a lamp’s base and large enough to cover any internal hardware.

4. Always Consider the Task at Hand

In addition to being an attractive accent, lighting should be sufficient for any tasks you want to accomplish. For example, a goldtone floor lamp with a translucent shade creates a contemporary, elegant look in an area you use for reading.

There’s nothing more pleasant than coming home to a comfortable, attractive home. Residents of Long Beach apartments can add style to their homes by using these four easy tips for selecting the right lamps. Be sure to call us today to find out more about how our amenities add up to the best of Long Beach living and about the floor plan that’s best for you.

Egg Frittata

How to Host a Brunch Party in Your Apartment

Egg FrittataWho doesn’t love entertaining? Our Long Beach apartments are the perfect place to have friends over to share good food and good times. When people think of entertaining, they usually imagine dinner parties or late night drinks and music. But that leaves people tired and ready for bed while still having to clean up a messy kitchen. Enter the brunch party, the perfect way to enjoy the festivities with good friends while still having plenty of daylight to look ahead to at the end of it.

Follow These Tips to Host a Brunch You’ll Get to Enjoy

  1. Plan ahead: By making a menu days in advance, you’ll cut out the stress while guaranteeing you’ll be serving a well-composed, elegant meal.
  2. Use the night before: The beauty of brunch is your day is still fresh when it’s time to clean everything up, but the disadvantage is feeling like you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get everything ready. Lay all non-perishables out the night before to let you sleep in a bit and start the day prepared.
  3. The incredible edible egg: There’s no shortage of egg dishes and they come in a variety of categories. This flexible food is as filling as it is delicious, and it’s a great idea to think outside the box (or frying pan). You can stuff an egg casserole with all sorts of delectable ingredients or whip up a frittata. Those are often even more delicious served at room temperature than hot, making it the perfect dish to cook first let sit while you prepare everything else.
  4. Don’t forget the sweets: One of the very best things about brunch is that sweet dishes can have an equally starring role as the savory. No reason to wait until the meal’s end to indulge.
  5. Speaking of indulging: Just because it’s early in the day, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cocktail. Brunch classics are mimosas and Bloody Marys. Feel free to put a twist on the usual by offering grapefruit juice and Prosecco in place of mimosas or use Clamato to craft a Bloody Caesar cocktail.

Our apartments feature gourmet kitchens with tile and granite countertops, gas oven, dishwasher, refrigerator with ice maker, built in microwave, and pantry, perfect for easily preparing a gourmet brunch. To find out more about the amenities we offer here at City Place, give us a call.

Hotel Hallway

Learn About Our Available Summer Rates at Waterton Hotels

Hotel HallwayThe only thing that may be better than having your own great apartment to come home to is a summer escape to a pampering hotel. When you make your home one of our Long Beach apartments, you can take advantage of discount rates at Waterton managed hotels. It’s an exclusive perk for residents. Now, that’s a deal!

Don’t Miss Out on Great Summer Rates

Take a trip up north to enjoy San Jose while staying at the Hyatt Place San Jose, or book a stay filled with convenience and comfort in Millbrae at Aloft San Francisco Airport or the Westin San Francisco Airport. It’s a passport to a weekend of sightseeing and sampling foodie delights around the city! Special rates at affiliated Waterton hotels aren’t limited to your home state, either. If a summer trip takes you east, take advantage of the deals awaiting you in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, or in Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio.

For reference, all of our special summer rates at our Waterton managed hotels are listed below. Keep in mind that special pricing is valid now until August 31, 2017. Also, make note that these rates are based on availability and prices are subject to change. When booking your stay, simply request the Waterton corporate rate!

Starting from $49.00: Comfort Inn Piqua in Ohio

Starting from $89.00: Aloft Beachwood in Ohio and DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport in Pennsylvania

Starting from $99.00: Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough in Massachusetts, Sheraton Madison in Wisconsin and DoubleTree Skokie in Illinois

Starting from $139 weekdays and $99 weekends: Courtyard Boston Marlborough in Massachusetts

Starting from $159 weekdays and $99 weekends: Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in California, Sheraton Framingham in Massachusetts, and Westin Columbus in Ohio

20% off best available rate: Hyatt Place San Jose in California

When you return home to Long Beach, more good times await. Our studios, one- and two-bedroom floor plans are spacious and welcoming. Get together with friends at our year-round heated pool, cook up a storm on outdoor grills, and enjoy Southern California weather at our outdoor lounge complete with a fireplace. Exercise as much as you want at our onsite state-of-the-art fitness center and soothe sore muscles with a visit to the steam room.

If you’re ready to come home to City Place, move-in is simplified with the Digital Waterton Concierge. Contact us today to learn more about our available floor plans and amenities!

Cocktail in a Jar

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Host a Cocktail Party

Cocktail in a JarCity Place apartments in Long Beach is the perfect location for a sophisticated cocktail party. A cocktail party is a party where guests gather at the cocktail hour, which traditionally is 5 p.m. The cocktail party isn’t meant to last all night. Instead, it’s a stopping point before guests go on to enjoy a night out on the town with their friends, loved one, or family. Typically, a cocktail party lasts one to two hours and ends early enough that guests can leave to make their dinner restaurant reservations. Here’s a guide to putting on the best cocktail party in Long Beach.

1. Put the Shuffle Setting on Your Music Device

A cocktail party needs some background music to keep the atmosphere alive. Choose a genre of music that complements the theme of your cocktail party. Then put that genre on shuffle mode and let the music play while you mingle with your guests.

2. Offer Plenty of Appetizers

A cocktail party shouldn’t just have alcoholic drinks. To make sure your guests keep their wits about them, be sure to have plenty of appetizers ready to enjoy. Distribute platters of the appetizers so guests don’t have to congregate in the kitchen just to get a bite to eat.

3. Have Plenty of Mixers

So that you have sufficient time to enjoy the company of your guests, have plenty of mixers on hand so your guests can mix up their own cocktails. Mixers should include tomato juice, cranberry juice, club soda, seltzer water, grapefruit juice and orange juice, to name a few.

4. Decorate With Napkins

Your choice of cocktail napkins helps to add a little flair to your cocktail party. Visit a home store to see all the different varieties of cocktail napkins available. Place stacks of cocktail napkins at strategic locations throughout your apartment home.

5.  Send People Off With a Smile

Make sure your invitation to your cocktail party has an end time. That way when it’s time for lights out, your guests will know it’s time to move on to the rest of their journey for the evening.

To see how ideal our floor plans are for cocktail parties at City Place, contact us to schedule a tour.

Indoor Plant

Best Indoor Plants for Your Apartment

Indoor PlantIf you are looking for a way to spruce up your living space and bring some life into it, you are not alone. This is a common thing to try to do during this time of year. As things come alive outside, it makes people want to bring a little bit of that inside. A great way to do that is by getting some indoor plants and this list can help you choose the best one for your space.

Best Indoor Plants for Your Apartment

Peace Lily

This plant is very pretty because it has white blooms that will bring life to any room. At the same time, it is a good option if you are looking for something that is easy to take care of. The peace lily likes low humidity and low light so if you have a space that does not have a lot of windows, this is a great option.

English Ivy

Not only is it easy to take care of but it also can help to purify the indoor air. It is an adaptable plant and can be hung up or placed on the floor.

Snake Plant

If you are worried that you may forget to water your plants, then the snake plant is one that you should consider. It does not need a lot of water or sunlight to survive which makes it a good option to place in the corner. It also releases oxygen at night instead of during the day so you may want to put this one in your room.

Spider Plant

This decorative plant is very easy to grow and it also has an added benefit. According to NASA, it is one of the best plants at removing pollutants in the air so you may want to get this one based on that alone.

If you are looking for a new place to call home, it may be time to take a look at our Long Beach apartments to see if they are a good fit for you. To see what we have available, call or stop by today. We can even take you on a tour so you can take a good look at our community.

City Place Floor Plan

Six Ways to Organize Your Closet

City Place Floor PlanKeeping your closet organized can be a struggle. Following are five strategies designed to help our residents at apartments in Long Beach whip their closet into shape this season.

Store Out-of-Season Clothing in Stackable Storage Bins

Rifling through racks of winter clothing to find that special summer sundress can leave an average closet in shambles. Storing your out-of-season clothing in stackable boxes provides your closet with a lot more room and makes the items you’re actually going to wear much more accessible. Stack storage bins in an unobtrusive spot, or, to keep them completely out of sight, get the type that you can easily slide under the bed.

Have a System for Purging Items

A well-organized closet is one that has been properly purged, so have a system in place for purging in order to keep your closet neat and tidy. For instance, schedule purges as a part of your spring cleaning routine and get rid of anything you haven’t worn for a year or so. Consider purging items again in the autumn when you do your seasonal switch-over. Keeping on top of purging prevents you from reaching a situation with your closet that’s completely overwhelming.

Think Vertical

Placing removable vertical shelving in the interior of your closet provides a whole new dimension of available storage space. Use them to stack t-shirts, jeans, socks, khakis, and other easily folded items as well as shoes, jewelry boxes, and any cosmetics that you don’t use every day.

Use Proper Hangers

Thin wire hangers with no padding usually cause piles of clothing to end up on the floor. Spring for some sturdy hangers with satin padding to keep your delicate items safely secured, and use wooden hangers for heavy items such as suits and jackets.

Store Accessories in See-Through Bins

Placing accessories such as scarves and belts in see-through storage bins circumvents the mess caused by playing guessing games as you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Place Removable Hooks for Bags Over the Closet Door

Hanging bags on over-the-door hooks keeps them handy as well as prevents them from slumping from being stored on shelves.

We welcome you to reach out to us at your convenience for more information about our available floor plans.

Woman With Shopping Bags

Beware of Construction!

Woman With Shopping BagsCity Place shopping center has been a popular area for shopping and restaurants in downtown Long Beach since it opened in 2002, but change is coming, and construction along with it! The developer that owns City Place is transforming the shopping center by erasing the existing boundaries and incorporating the area into the surrounding downtown. The new design and the businesses that are coming to the area are a work in progress, which means you should be prepared to navigate construction if you visit the old City Place shopping center.

From City Place to “The Streets” – Improving Your Shopping and Dining Experience

The developer of what was once City Place has made it a point to avoid giving an official name to the new development. He wants to emphasize that the area is going to be integrated into downtown, and he expects each street to take on its own personality based on the shops, restaurants and businesses that make their home there. For convenience, he said that the development encompassed by Long Beach Boulevard, Sixth Street, Pine Avenue and Third Street can be called “The Streets.”

Some stores will remain where they are, including Big 5 Sporting Goods and Ross Dress for Less. But there will also be a lot of new offerings, including:

  • Poke Cat
  • Creative Crepes
  • Romeo Chocolates
  • The Plant Junkie
  • Burgerim, an eatery with a specialty in small hamburgers
  • Party Monkey
  • Table 301

What was previously Nordstrom Rack has become a creative office space housing both Studio One Eleven and Retail Design Collaborative, including more than 135 employees. There are also plans to build a four-story mixed-use space with 20 units.

The design of the buildings will attempt to weave in the surrounding downtown so the transition will be more seamless. “The Streets” will be distinctive and attractive, but in a way that makes them part of the community.

Construction has already begun, so do not be surprised if you find a lot of your old City Place favorites missing or hard to access. The developer expects the restaurants to begin to open in approximately six months.

Your Source for Long Beach Information

At City Place Apartments, we try to keep up to date on all the latest happenings in Long Beach. Please contact us to learn more about our Long Beach apartments. We look forward to speaking with you!

Guy Playing Guitar

Live After 5 Events in Long Beach

Guy Playing GuitarIf you are searching for apartments in Long Beach, you know how much fun is going on in the area throughout the year. The Downtown Long Beach Alliance has created a program that celebrates the vibrant arts and music culture in Long Beach, showcasing talent every second Thursday of the month. Live performers spread throughout downtown Long Beach, filling up cafes, parks, empty storefronts and street corners and play for free from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

A Vibrant Art and Music Scene in Long Beach

When you love a vibrant music scene, the area of Long Beach is a great place to live. Ease Up and Steel Drummers from Upstream will be playing at Pine Ave and Ocean Boulevard. Look for updated event listings each month to find out what music will be playing. Live music is a great way to enjoy the evening and spend time out with friends and loved ones.

The area of Long Beach offers something for just about everyone. From a great art scene to beaches, beautiful weather and nightlife, finding a great apartment in the Long Beach area can be the perfect solution for your living needs. When you want to live near all the action, Long Beach is an exciting place to live. Whether you love trying all kinds of different food at area restaurants, or you prefer to relax at a local cafe, Long Beach has something for you to enjoy.

There are also plenty of outdoor opportunities for fun in the sun in Long Beach. Enjoy a day at the beach, try your hand at surfing, or even spend some time trying to learn how to fish. Take a boat tour or go for a walk and check out the local scenery. This is an area that is always active, and you won’t run out of things to do if you live in Long Beach.

Keep watching out for the next events provided by Live After 5 and enjoy this free entertainment offered by the Downtown Long Beach Alliance. Make note that there is free music every third Thursday.

For studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes, check out the floor plans available at City Place by calling 877-683-4016 and see where your next home can be.

Red Race Car

You Heard Right, the Toyota Grand Prix was Back in Town!

Red Race CarIf you’re planning a move to Long Beach apartments, there are plenty of entertaining things to do like the recent Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Our studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments are just 13 minutes from downtown so you can be up, out and ready to go on race day.

Toyota Grand Prix

The pedal definitely met the metal on April 7-9 as Indy cars whipped their way around the track at mind blowing speeds.

Throughout the 3-day event, there was ongoing entertainment like the Lifestyle Expo featuring over 150 automotive, recreational, and travel displays, and a variety of products and services.

The Mickey and the Roadster Racers Pit Stop was a “must visit” family interactive experience located at the expo. In addition, attendees could participate in DIY Roadster activities, take fun-themed photos, wear a paper helmet inspired by Mickey and Minnie and stand out from the crowd with custom face painting.

There was also the Verizon IndyCar Series Fan Experience and the Family Fun Zone with games, racing simulators, climbing walls, and more, as well as an opportunity to get driver’s autographs. While all of these activities were going on, DJ’s were also spinning new music.


On Friday was the Tecate Light Fiesta at 6:45 p.m. which featured Moderatto with their glam metal style of music. On Saturday, rock legends took the stage at the Rock-N-Roar Concert at 6 p.m. Musical artists included the Kings of Chaos featuring Billy Idol, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park fame, and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.

Food Matters

Attendees didn’t have to worry about a lack of food and beverages during the race and activities. There was an assortment of tasty dishes from the Food Truck Experience featuring California’s finest gourmet choices.

Adults were able to refresh themselves at one of the McManis Wine Bars located throughout the area or enjoy live entertainment while relaxing at several Tecate Light Sports Bars.

Closing Day

On Sunday, the Mothers Exotic Car Paddock was the go-to place to see over 100 exotic sports cars. Attendees got up-close to high-scale autos such as Lotus, Ferraris and Porsches.

When you’re ready to “get in gear” and make the move to our community, contact our staff to find out which floorplans are available and the date you can move in.

Girl Sitting on Picnic Blanket

Essential Tips for Hosting the Perfect Spring Picnic

Girl Sitting on Picnic BlanketYou don’t have to wait for summertime to have a picnic with a few friends. Spring gives you great weather and milder temperatures, as well as fewer bugs, which can make these picnics more pleasant than summer ones. If you’re planning on hosting a spring picnic, keep the following tips in mind.

Limit Your Guest List

Picnics are more fun when you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing large amounts of food and making sure there’s enough space for everyone. Ask a few friends to come to your picnic, and save the larger gatherings for summertime barbecues. You’ll have less to carry to your spring picnic and less food to worry about when you keep your guest list small.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Plates, utensils, and napkins aren’t the only items you’ll need. You should also pack a paring knife and cutting board to make it easier to cut up cheese and fruit. Rather than packing regular size bottles of condiments, fill your basket with single serving packs of ketchup, mayo, pepper, salt and other condiments and seasonings.

Pack Plenty of Cold Drinks

Place water and other drinks you’re bringing with you in the freezer for a short time, such as a few minutes, before packing them in a cooler. This helps ensure that your drinks will stay cold for a longer period of time. When you’re filling up your cooler, put plenty of ice in it to keep drinks colder even longer.

Bring Cleaning Supplies

Even if you plan on bringing disposable plates, cups and utensils that you can dump in a trash can, you’re still likely to have a bit of a mess to clean up. Pack wipes and some water to use for wiping down your picnic blanket or table when you’re done eating. Bring a garbage bag with you as well, so you’ll have somewhere to place your trash if there aren’t any garbage cans around.

Our Long Beach, CA community is just a short drive from local parks that offer great places for picnics. Contact us to learn more about our available apartments in Long Beach.

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